Back in Flat – Folding Diapers the “Old Fashioned” Way

Posted by on August 13, 2010

There are a few of us around who remember using the original pinned diaper, the Flat Diaper, on our younger siblings. The art isn’t lost!

This is not my video, but it’s so useful I want to share it.
How to fold a cloth diaper (flat fold/flannel blanket)

I remember my mom teaching me how to do this fold (and a few others). I didn’t often cloth diaper my youngest sister; mom was more likely to do the pinning than trust a 9 year old to get a good, tight fit that wouldn’t result in leakage.

But it was great fun to cloth diaper every doll and stuffed animal in the house with whatever I could find laying around – towels, washcloths, pillowcases…. A stuffed rabbit who had heretofore led a completely blameless life, a Rainbow Brite who had never experienced an incontinent moment in her little dolly life, were both ignobly thrust into potty training and admonished to hold still lest they get jabbed by a pin.

Do your kids know the art of the flat?

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  1. Jerica

    Hi Marcie, You’re cloth diaper post was like a blast from the past for me! When I was pnngeart with my first son…he is now 18….I was so determined to use cloth diapers. I wanted to be as old-fashioned and traditional as possible. Before I gave birth, I signed up with a local diaper service. They provided the diapers and would do all the cleaning. Wow, nothing like the ‘new’ old-fashioned’! Once my baby arrived, I was set with all the cloth diapers a newborn could possibly soil! I used diaper pins, and all! I was so proud of how traditional I was! And, the diaper company picked up the dirty ones and replaced them with clean, fresh ones! Awesome!All was good until I actually had to leave the house. When I was out and about, i had to keep any soiled diapers with me in a plastic bag. Gross! Plus, at night, my baby would soak through the cloth diapers, so I ended up putting him in disposable ones at bedtime. Then, I realized he slept for longer periods at a time. Heaven, to an exhausted mommy!In the end, I decided cloth diapers weren’t that popular anymore for a reason. I am proud of myself for giving it a try, but in the end, Pampers and such were a better choice for me.By the way, when baby number two came along almost four years later, I used disposable from the start. Miss Jenna is a lucky little girl! Her mommy cares enough to think twice about something as basic as diapers.Enjoy every moment with your little princess! They really do grow up too fast!Best of luck,Rene9e :)

  2. prefold diapers

    I’d love to use this old fashion folding diapers. unfortunately the problem is, i have a problem to remove the smell. It still there even though i have rinsed it right under the hot sun.

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